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What is Uterine Transplantation?

It is a surgical process whereby a uterus is transplanted from one woman to another. Uterine transplantation is a new form of transplant, a real and valid alternative to adoption or aim of the procedure – surrogacy. To allow the women with absolute uterine factor infertility to have a baby. Absolute uterine factor infertility is due to the congenital or surgical absence of the uterus or the presence of a non-functional uterus.


  • So far 72 cases of uterine transplantation done, out of which 18 live births are reported.
  • The first successful uterine transplant with live birth happened in Sweden in 2014.
  • Baylor @ U.S.A reported first live birth after transplant in 2017.
  • Recently, in 2017 first uterus transplant baby born in India & Asia.
  • Prague, the Czech Republic had its first live birth after transplant.

Uterine Transplant – An Alternative for surrogacy – Why?

Uterine transplant helps the woman have the satisfaction of conceiving her child, being pregnant with her child and delivering her child.

Who are the patients who need it

  • Women who are born without a uterus but have their intact native ovaries
  • Women who lost their uterus (Surgical removal of the uterus) due to conditions like fibroids and cancer
  • Women with uterine malformations, Hypoplastic uterus
  • Women with non-functioning uterus due to damage caused by radiation exposure and intrauterine adhesions
  • Women between 18 – 40 years of age, married or having a stable partner with a good general health condition

Who are the people who can donate it

  • The uterus to be transplanted will be obtained from a living related donor or cadaveric donor
    The uterus will be matched to the subject using several selection parameters to reduce the chance of rejection
  • Women must be between 40 – 60 years of age
  • Women who are younger than 40 years of age, who have had successful pregnancies and have undergone permanent sterilization
  • Women should not be suffering from any active infections like tuberculosis, medical conditions like diabetes, hypertension


  • Uterus with its blood supply will be removed from the donor and transplanted to the recipient through a microvascular anastomosis
  • Before performing the transplant surgery, the recipient should undergo controlled ovarian hyperstimulation and egg collection at least one month before the transplant surgery.
  • Recipient husband’s sperm and recipient’s egg fertilization is performed by IVF – ICSI embryo cryopreservation will be performed to use them for embryo transfer after successful transplantation


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Ruchismita Senapati

"My wife earlier had miscarriage, we ware doubtfull about normal delivery despite the fact that baby had umbilical cord arround the neck. But doctor took us in confidance and we followed her recomendation...and every thing went well.Thank you Dr. Padma Priya and Team @ Global Hospital."


“An awesome doctor. She is caring, friendly and supremely confident. She pushes very hard for normal delivery, a rare thing in today's medical field. I had a small scare during the 37th week when my AFI was down to 8. She immediately put me on IVs and asked me to take Largine powder. My AFI came up to around 11 and we pushed through for another 2.5 weeks! You can blindly chose her as your OB/GYN, you will never ever regret! “


"The first thing about Dr Padmapriya is the best gynecologist in Chennai and that she has earned with her experience. She will meet you with full of Joy in any consultancy during your visit. From the first day of our Visit she was very confident for Normal Delivery which she did actually at the time of delivery. We blessed with a baby boy with standard delivery and all because of Dr Padmapriya Vivek."


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